Butterfly skirt: how to – ITA version

Alcune settimane fa.. Probabilmente è più corretto dire mesi fa, ho scoperto una nuova ‘bancarella’ di stoffe al mercato, non si tratta di stoffe d’abbigliamento ma d’arredamento. Per lo più cotoni e lini da tovaglia, anche in comodissime varianti antimacchia. Insomma, mi sono letteralmente innamorata di questo cotone ecru con una bellissima stampa a farfalle. Nonostante si trattasse di […]

Exploding block pillowcase.

Make a pillowcase is one of the first thing you do once you have a sewing machine. Maybe because it’s simple, but also because it is something that can help you change things and spaces. I’ve done pillows for garden and balcony, for sofa or bed. I’ve filled them with plumage, padding, cherry seeds, polystyrene. Maybe […]

DIY cotton gift bag

This post is about something I really love: making present! Present is not just a ‘thing’ but also the ‘think’. When you make a present you think about someone, about what he or she would like. If I have enough time I love thinking about present, looking round for the perfect gift or maybe doing it. Unfortunately we […]

Garden Tags

Last spring we changed the kitchen chairs (some old wood ikea chairs). Looking at the “sitting surface” we thought that they could be used as a “painting surface”, after some days I found the ‘inspiration’ on a magazine! So, this is the story of a simple recycling wood project: create garden tags 🙂 First of all we cut the surface […]