Rusty’s Scurf

Winter is coming!! Even if the sun is shining these days 🙂
Time for a super easy project for you or your pet! Cotton infinity scarf!


Choose the fabric you want to use and the size you need. I use an old cotton Ikea sheet. Make all the pieces you need for your lenght and sew alla the pieces together making a stripe.

Fold the stripe in half on the long side and sew.


To sew togheter the two ends you can put one end inside the other and sew on the right side of the fabric or you can join the right sides together and sew on the back side leaving a hole to reverse.

You can also fold the scarf as a sock (I will add some photo to better explain this part) and sew all the scarf on the back side. You will need a hole to reverse also in this case 🙂

Reverse close the hole and done! Love your infinity scarf.



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