Butterfly skirt: how to.

Some weeks ago I’ve found this lovely fabric at my local market. And it was clear that I have to wear it in some way 🙂
This is a strong cotton with butterfly pattern. I loved it!

So, I thought about an easy project to make: a skirt. Simple, quickly and perfect for summer time. Considering that this is the first week of autumn I am perfectly in time 🙂

We will need: fabric, sewing kit, elastic, safety pin.
How much fabric do we need? This depend on the lengh of the skirt you want. In my case I want a quite long skirt so I take 1mt. Ready?

A) Line the fabric on the table (or on the floor) take the short side and turn it on the long one making a triangle. With a little imagination this is how your skirt will look like 🙂

From triangle to skirt

B) This is the most difficult passage: you have to look at the direction of the pattern and decide which is the best one. So, my advice, try all the angles. Each corner.

C) Once you’ve found the best option pin it in place and measure the lenght of the short side starting from the top of the triangle. Mark the fabric at the same lenght enough time to make a semicircular line. Cut along the line.

The lenght of your skirt

D) Time for waist now. Measure your hips and find where the triangle has the same length then cut the triangle in a semicircular way (as you can see in picture).

Almost done

E) Turn the fabric inside-out, pin it on the reverse side and sew on the short side. Once done try on your skirt and, if necessary, make some little adjustment on the waist.

F) Waistband: make a hem on the top of your skirt, fold over the fabric twice leaving the space for the elastic. In my case I have an elastic of 1 cm so I need a 1,5 cm of space. Pin it and sew all around leaving a little hole.
Take your elastic, measure your waist and cut it a little longer. Fix the safety pin on one side of your elastic and pass it trough the hole to make your elastic waistband. Fix the elastic, put in place and close the hole.
If you want there are quite a lot of nice videos on youtube about elastic waistband.

G) Try your skirt on, decide the length you desire, cut the fabric if necessary and make a little hem.

Done! Butterfly skirt.
Done! Butterfly skirt.

Done! Afternoon work. Nice!!

I really love this pattern so I think I’ll make also some garden/balcony pillows with the reminings, but this is another story 🙂

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