Collecting memories in the south of England

Just a few days to see some adorable place in England. 4 days full of pictures, trains and tea.
A road (or a rail) trip through some of the most beautiful town or villages I’ve seen. Starting from Salisbury trough Sherborne and Brandford on Avon, ending in Bath.
If you love England and his countryside you will adore these places. We didn’t have much time (we were there for a wedding 🙂 ) but we saw a lot!
I was with my parents and it was great, they are amazing, full of energy (I was so tired at the end of the day..) and enthusiasm, like children. Love them so much!

Looking round Sherborne

Let’s talk about things to see and places to stay or eat.

Salisbury (a small great thanks to the lovely gentleman that advise us to sit in the first 4 coaches of the train, we would probably get lost if wasn’t for you.. I know it was your job but it is not so common to do it smiling and in a so admirable way!!)
To see: in the city the abbey, one of the oldest in England, and the ‘Magna Charta’.
Salinsbury is also really close to Stonehenge  so, you cannot miss it. It’s a really magical place.
We stay at ‘The Cathedral’, good place, relly lovely peole there. Just consider it is a pub so a little noisy during the weekend (I slept fine but, you know, parents.. really, relly tired!). Next time I would like to try one of the gorgeous B&B I’ve seen near the abbey.

Drawing at Stonehenge

Amazing town of the dorset. Just walk along the roads, enter in the churches and talk to lovely old lady you will found on your way.
The reception of the wedding we attent was at the ‘The Eastbury the backyard is exactly how you think an English backyard should be…

Bradford on Avon
The churches (there is a small saxon church, we love it), the bridge and the Thite Barn. Bradford on Avon is lovely, small, beautiful, seems a great place to live. The driver of our cab told us that Bradford is the kind of place where if you lose your wallet you can be sure someone would bring it to the police station.
We stay at the ‘Widbrook Grange not far from the citycentre, really close to the Bus stop on the Bath line so perfect for us.
Great stay there, relly good food (both dinner and breakfast), lovely people and a swimming pool (WoW!). I loved this place, the garden was full of rabbits, and I adore rabbits 🙂

How can I say about it?! We spent just a few hours there, and it was enough to miss it! I’ve lived in Bath for a short period years ago, I met one of my best friend during that period so I’m in love with it!
You have so many things to see: roman bath and Pump Room, the Pulteney Bridge, museums, parks but what I love most is the Royal Crescent (quite obvious maybe..).
Last but not least, remember when I told you about one of my first sewing book? So the bookshop where I bought it is still there and this because it is one of the best in the world 🙂 and they have a site now so I can show you how lovely they are! Good work guys thank you so much, saw you again was amazing.

Bath – Wedding Special red bus

We have a plane to catch here so, just a really fast tour on the Thames and a wolk in the city gardens making friends 🙂

Making new friends in London

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