Blogging: a written way to see the world

I’m really new in this blogging world, I’ve read a lot, wrote a bit and discovered day by day how many people share their works on internet. World seems so small!
During these first months I’ve discovered some really great blogs, I love all the blogs I follow but there are some.. they’re quite perfect! Well written, amazing photos, great tutorials. So today I’ve decided to write about the blogs and bloggers I admire so much.

Starting from the first

Kate’s Creative Space  is the first blog I followed, I fell in love with the pictures and the projects, starting fom the big ones (home decoration or restyling) ending with the small ones (cooking time  or diy projects ) everithing is full of beauty.

Another blog I really love is:

A Few Scraps this is the last blog I found and it is a really different kind of blog, all about sewing and quilting. The ‘Free Motion Quilting’ section is amazing. There are a lot of projects and video tutorials. This work is unbelievable.

The last one (for today) is an Italian blog I, yes, again, I really love it!!

This is another world full of words, pictures, ideas, crafts… I’ve spent here some great time, thinking, laughing…

So this is my thanks to my personal top three blogs. Hoping someone else will love them as I do 🙂

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