Wire art

Last September I went back to the Bienno craft fair. It was a few years since I was gone and, as always, there was a wonderful group of craftsmen. If you love crafts (the beautiful one, the one worthy of the name) and you have never been there, take the time to take a tour, […]

Yoga bag

Some months ago I found this yoga centre near home and I decided to try it. So I’m finally making something for my body 💪 and mind💆. Love the feelings at the and of each session tired but happy 😊. This was the excuse to take out my swimming pool bag 😋 which is now […]

Sofa Cover

If you know us, or if you read this blog once in a while, you have seen that we have a white sofa and a lovely, really spoiled, adorable dog… So you can imagine how much we need a sofa cover!! +++La versione in Italiano è sotto 🇮🇹+++ Rusty love this sofa so much.. Sure […]